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Find an invetsment object

On Flatilio you can search through hunderds of investment properties throughout various countries. You can search based on various criteria, like country, city, property size, price etc. Especially pay attention to the estimated yeald.

real estate in albania
Buying Real Estate in Turkey

Contact us

Once you have found one or several investment properties, feel free to reach out to us. We'll consult you, help you in negotiations with the seller and will accompany you throughout the purchase process.

Purchase process

In order to keep the process as easy and transparent as possible, you'll be able to provide digital documentation as well as sign digital contract. Flatilio takes care of formalities and negotiation & purchasing process.

yali turkey
Ottoman Townhouses

Start generating passive income

Now the property is yours, you can start generating passive income. Flatilio can and will take care of your real estate investments in all the countries, which we offer listings for. We are going to maintain and rent our your flats and generate cashflow for you. We retain 20% of proceeds as yearly fee.

Investment in foreign real estate made easy

In order to make your investments as easy as possible, we have digitized whole process for you. Thus, you don't even need to be in the coutry, where you are buying the property. After purchase, we can take care of your properties and generate cashflow for you. You can see all the details regarding your investments, cashflow and documentation in you digital dashboard.

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